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Substantial Awards.

“You win a large financial settlement by doing everything a brilliant lawyer should do as well as it can be done. Then just keep doing it – no matter how hard they push back – until we win. My clients and I set and achieve goals together: Health restored. Bills paid. Mind at ease. Above all, I love to exceed their highest expectations.”
             - Attorney Andrew Goldberg

"Andy’s a hard-working attorney with a great reputation. Lawyers, policemen, judges, they all respect him. Once you get him as your attorney, he doesn’t stop until he gets you the best possible result.” - Criminal Defense Attorney William Davis

After being T-boned in his police car in broad daylight, Kevin couldn’t work his beat anymore and required back surgery.

"Andy did such a phenomenal job, I made out better than I ever hoped. First he negotiated a hefty settlement from my insurance company. Then he went after the uninsured motorist. Then he worked his magic with workman’s comp. Andy got me more than twice what another lawyer recommended.”

Officer Kevin Enderle

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After a car pulled directly in front of his motorcycle, Ed required two shoulder surgeries and 6 months of therapy.

“Andy was so thorough in putting my case together, their insurance paid off in just two weeks. Then he filed against my insurance company, and they settled too. I ended up with quite a lot of money.”

Ed McCullough, Vietnam Vets Motorcycle Club

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A head on car collision left Cathy Cavalier with a head injury, a fractured sternum and a broken rib.

“Andy’s case to the insurance companies left no room for doubt. The settlement he negotiated allowed me to pay off my mortgage and comfortably retire. Given the size of my award, which was quite high, I expected my case to be much more difficult. The whole process was incredibly smooth. Andy covered every base.”

Nurse Supervisor Cathy Cavalier

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A van crossed the median and crashed head-on into Maureen's van, resulting in a coma, a brain shear, and 22 bolts and plates in her arms.

“Andy’s smart, creative, and tenacious. He knows what he’s doing. At the hearing, he showed a movie of me trying to move my fingers during therapy. The people in that room, their jaws dropped. Andy had told us a decision could take weeks. But when we returned home, there was Andy was on the answering machine. We’d won. He got us $250,000, the maximum uninsured motorist payout.”

Maureen Moke

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Rose tripped on the curb at a big box store and fell, fracturing her hand, which became black and swollen.

“After I received my settlement, I phoned the lawyers from the TV to tell them, “You said I didn’t have a case, but Andy won my case and got me more than $36,000!” They wouldn’t take my call. ”

Rose Crowley

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