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Attorney Andrew Goldberg

Why I practice Personal Injury Law

Early in my career at Goldberg & Felice, I represented personal injury and criminal cases across greater Philadelphia. I quickly came to recognize the special nature of Personal Injury Law. When accident victims count on you to restore  their finances and their health, those are real relationships – which I find very satisfying.

Insurance companies are quick to deny a settlement request. So in order to obtain a large settlement, a claim must document your accident, injuries and costs with indisputable authority and an emotional punch. Doctors’ reports must explain how your injuries have affected your quality of life and how your bills are directly related to your injuries. Crafting a winning claim takes a meticulous and creative communicator who knows the insurance playbook inside and out.  

A Claim Document can be as complex as a novel. I work hard to assemble a truly intimidating array of facts, photos, and eyewitness and expert testimony. I compile detailed hospital reports to support claims of pain and suffering. To convey a client’s fear of losing a job, or the heartache of being unable to do the things they love, I use emotionally-charged language, photos and video. I precisely calculate lost income and all allowable costs, current and future. When everything comes together in a claim that the insurer cannot refuse, it's like writing a bestseller.

“When Andy assembled my case, every medical record and doctor’s report, every photo and witness statement, every expense was so expertly presented, it left the insurance company no place to push back.”
- Susan Moran

If a settlement request is rejected by the insurance company, I push back as firmly and often as needed with fresh facts and materials. I scour legal and medical journals for additional research to support the claim. And I don't stop until we achieve a satisfactory award.

Few cases require a court battle, but if I have to present your claim before a judge or jury, I apply all of my courtroom experience to win. I've won healthy settlements for hundreds of clients in courtrooms all across Delaware, Chester, Montgomery, Bucks and Philadelphia Counties.

My success as a negotiator and litigator at Goldberg & Felice inspired me to launch my own personal injury practice in 1996. From my office in Media PA, I serve a select group of clients, and personally direct every detail of their claims. I get to make a real difference in the health and the lives of good people, and many of them have become good friends.

Professional Highlights

  • JD, Brooklyn Law School (ranked among the nation’s best by US News & World Report)

  • BA, George Washington University

  • Member, Delaware County Bar Assn.

  • Voted Top Delco Lawyer by Daily Times’ readers

  • Rotary Club of Chester Pike, 25-year member

  • Respected by DelCo lawyers, judges & police

  • Expert knowledge of PA limited tort and personal injury laws

Law is about crafting persuasive stories.

A Claim Request is a moving story told entirely with facts. So is country music, which I clearly enjoy more than my family does. I listen mostly in the car. I get inspired by nature, and long walks in the woods. Travel inspires me too. When I'm in San Francisco, New York or Washington, I wake up early and explore for hours. Making time for reflection and inspiration helps me bring more authentic life into every client claim.

Tell us about yourself.

I buy three newspapers daily just to read the sports pages. I'm an avid Eagles and all-around sports fan. As a kid, I was fast, but too small for football, so I played soccer. When my daughters were younger, I cheered them on playing field hockey, running track, and playing in the Penncrest High School Marching Band and Jazz Ensemble. I love to watch the deer and foxes in our backyard, too. If I ever decide to retire, I may become a farmer.

Where did you grow up?

Cheltenham - born and raised. My mother was a bright, attractive woman who graduated from Bryn Mawr college, became a dedicated social worker, and later was an editor at the Jewish Exponent. Growing up, I spent every summer body surfing at the Jersey Shore and working as a lifeguard. About 20 years ago, I met my wife Abbe. Four months later, I proposed to her.

Why did you choose law?

Although my dad was a lawyer, and I loved listening to him describe his cases, he urged me to attend business school. Instead, I earned a psychology degree – a solid foundation for law – and assisted dad’s team of lawyers with accident investigations. Then, while a student at Brooklyn Law, I honed my skills in the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas, clerking for the Honorable Richard Katz.

Insurance companies have a playbook.
You need a game plan.

The surest way to understand your case is to talk with an experienced personal injury lawyer. A free consult is also the best way to learn what it takes to win a full and fair claim, so you can decide if you need a lawyer, and if he or she has the skills, commitment and game plan to win for you.

Insurance companies have a playbook.
You need a game plan.

The surest way to understand your case is to talk with an experienced personal injury lawyer.

When you request a free consult with me, Attorney Andrew Goldberg, you’ll learn exactly what it takes to obtain the maximum settlement for your injuries.

It’s also your best opportunity to determine if you need a lawyer – and if a lawyer has the knowledge, skills and commitment to come through for you.

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