A Bulldog

“Thought clients call me a bulldog, it doesn’t mean what it sounds like. I’m not pushy. I don’t bite. But when insurance companies try to push things off or deny a claim, I push back harder with more facts and medical research. They try to wear me down. They never do.”

- Attorney Andrew Goldberg

Officer Kevin Enderle

Andy is a pit bull with a heart.

Officer Roger Joseph

Andy does not want you thinking, “That guy did what he could.” He wants to get you the absolute best settlement possible.

Rose Crowley

Andy would call me and say, ”They said this, but we’re not taking it. I’m gonna fight.” He worked so hard to win my case. And he never gave up because he knew I was hurt.

Ed McCullough

When Andy saw their first offer, he said, “Oh no, we’re not doing that.” He’s a bulldog. There’s no stone left unturned when you’ve got Andy.

William Davis

The word I’d use to describe Andy? Relentless. Once you get him as your attorney, he doesn’t stop until he gets you the best possible result.

Jack & Susan Moran

Everything Andy could possibly do for us was done. We always felt cared for.

Officer Roger Joseph

Andy is an absolute pit bull. I was in his office when he called an insurance company on my behalf. Believe me, I would never want to be on the other end of that phone.

Jack & Susan Moran

Andy is a one man army.

Officer Kevin Enderle

When he deals with insurance companies, Andy’s got all his ducks in a row. They try to push things off, hoping he’ll go away. But Andy’s doesn’t let them get away with anything. He hammers them until he works out a really good deal for you.

Jack & Susan Moran

Through it all, Andy was our lifesaver. He’s the fighter each of us needs at some point in our life.

Jack & Susan Moran

There’s no BS with Andy. He is an outstanding person and a brilliant lawyer who you just know is going to fight for you. You can’t ask for more than that.

Officer Roger Joseph

The defendant had a very basic level of insurance, but somehow, as the middleman between my insurance and his insurance, Andy made sure everything got repaired and that I was put back whole.

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