How did you choose Andy?

“When choosing a personal injury lawyer, first ask yourself, do you want someone whose only focus is the money? Or should he also help you get the medical care you need? Look for an attorney who does everything that should be done as well as it can be done.”

- Attorney Andrew Goldberg

Officer Roger Joseph

A prominent attorney told me Andy Goldberg is the attorney other lawyers go to when they have a car accident.

Ed McCullough

A friend said, “Andy's a top personal injury lawyer. He’ll do a great job.” He was right.

Officer Kevin Enderle

When a lawyer does good for a friend, and my friend tells me “Andy Goldberg is really good. He’s your guy,” that meant more to me than any ad. Sitting down with Andy, we felt very comfortable and confident. We never called anyone else.

Rose Crowley

I called the lawyers on TV who say they fight for you, and they met with me and asked my story. I thought I was all set. A few days later they sent me a letter. They dropped me! The store told them I was fiddling in my pocketbook when I fell, so it was my fault. Can you believe it? Then a friend recommended Andy. That was my lucky day.

Jack & Susan Moran

Andy came highly, highly recommended by several police officers. They all respected him, and felt respected enough to return to him over the years. That was good enough for me.

Maureen & Patrick Moke

Good friends gave me Andy’s name, Such, such, such a good guy, very attentive and caring. Despite the extent of my injuries, we never considered a bigger law firm. Andy was on top of it at every step.

Nancy & Ronald Stewart

Andy represented my brother Ed, who speaks so very highly of him. I was so impressed by his personal touch. He made the trip to our home in Delaware to hear the details of my accident, and took the time to get to know us. He was very competent and confident. Andy definitely knows his business.

Insurance companies have a playbook.
You need a game plan.

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