A Skillful Communicator

“For lawyers, legal jargon is a tool of the trade. But it's critical that every client clearly understands their case. The last thing you want is to find yourself wondering “What’s happening with my claim?” because you can’t understand or don’t hear from your lawyer.”

- Attorney Andrew Goldberg

Officer Roger Joseph

You might expect an attorney of Andy’s stature to use big words, but I never had to Google a single thing Andy said

Ed McCullough

Andy is incredibly thorough. Every time he received or sent correspondence regarding my case, he sent me a copy. He included me on everything. I really appreciated that.

Nancy & Ronald Stewart

Andy is truly invested in your case. I never have to wonder what’s going on because he always keeps me in the loop – by mail, by phone and by text.

Maureen & Patrick Moke

Andy was always accessible, day or night. He gave us his cell phone number and said, “Any questions, you call me.” He kept up on everything going on with Maureen’s therapy. If there was a problem, Andy was on it.

Jack & Susan Moran

The way Andy crafted the story of Jack’s injuries was just incredible. He assembled a book of photos showing Jack singing and playing guitar at weddings. Then he took photos of Jack’s woodworking tools neatly organized on the garage walls, and made a second book. When the arbitrator asked me how the accident affected my husband, I told him I married a happy-go-lucky Irishman who had turned angry because he could no longer play his music or spend hours in his workshop. Andy’s storytelling was so moving, the arbitrator had ruled in our favor before we even made it home.

Officer Roger Joseph

Andy took the time to explain workman’s comp and the entire claims process in words I could understand. He really opened my eyes.

William Davis

Andy makes sure you know everything that’s going on. He’s top notch.

Cathy Cavalier

I could call or text Andy anytime – early, late at night, weekends. He always responded promptly.

Maureen & Patrick Moke

With Andy, we always knew where we were. He sent us reports on everything he discussed with the insurance company and their lawyers. Every meeting and phone call was in there, with clear explanations of what was said, and why.

Officer Roger Joseph

When Andy spoke with my wife, who was a witness at the scene, he was very caring and sensitive to her feelings. And after explaining the entire claims process to me, he patiently repeated it all to her. He made sure we were both clear on what needed to get done, step by step.

Rose Crowley

Andy kept me updated at every step. Whenever I called, he always had time for me – or he got right back to me. I felt like I was his only client.

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