Genuine & Caring

“It’s called Personal Injury Law because keeping in close touch with my clients, their families, their doctors and insurance companies is job #1. It's how I ensure that the people who place their faith and trust in me receive all of the care and money they need to heal.”

- Attorney Andrew Goldberg

Ed McCullough

Every time Andy called, he was like, “How are you doing? How’s therapy going?” Every time I saw a doctor, we would discuss my progress and options. Andy made sure that I had the best possible care, and that everything I needed was taken care of.

Jack & Susan Moran

How many attorneys take care of their clients like Andy? I really appreciate his personal touch. Andy never forgets you or the things you tell him. You feel like you are his only focus.

Melissa & Chris Redkar

An exceptional lawyer who truly cares.

Maureen & Patrick Moke

What I remember most was Andy asking me, “Are you guys OK financially?” He offered to lend us money from his own pocket to help us through. It shows you the kind of man he is.

Officer Kevin Enderle

I deal with a lot of attorneys, because I have to testify in lots of cases. Andy has something they don’t – a heart. If he takes you on as a client, he worries about you. He’s one of the best, most compassionate lawyers I’ve ever met.

Officer Roger Joseph

When Andy takes your case, you become family. He still calls me just to see how I’m doing.

Jack & Susan Moran

When life is traumatic, but you feel secure because someone is holding you up, that’s everything. We were blessed to have Andy.

Melissa & Chris Redkar

Andy kept in constant contact with me about my case, and to see how I was feeling. I so appreciated his friendship and genuine caring.

Nancy & Ronald Stewart

Andy’s been very concerned. He gets updates on my progress after each doctor visit. He follows up regularly to see how I’m doing. He even called when we were in Honolulu. And he always gets back to me quickly. It’s very comforting.

Officer Kevin Enderle

Andy is loved because he’s a great guy who treats people with integrity. I’ve referred Andy to several friends, and heard nothing but raves. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t respect Andy.

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