What were your first impressions?

“When you first meet with a lawyer, try to assess their legal knowledge, work ethic and willingness to fight for the settlement you deserve. Remember, personal injury law is a relationship built on caring, commitment and capability. You deserve all three.”

- Attorney Andrew Goldberg

Melissa & Chris Redkar

Andy listened attentively, was professional and highly knowledgeable.

Ed McCullough

My injuries were severe, so it meant a lot that Andy came to see me at my house. After we discussed my accident and he explained how he would handle my case, Andy simply said, “I’ll take care of you.” And he did.

Cathy Cavalier

Very articulate, sharp and quick-witted. It was clear that he was very capable and had lots of personal injury experience.

Maureen & Patrick Moke

There was none of that lawyer jargon. I could understand everything Andy said.

Jack & Susan Moran

Andy is a terrific guy, the salt of the earth. We both felt completely comfortable with him. We knew right away that he was the one.

Officer Kevin Enderle

Andy’s such a competent, well-organized, down-to-earth guy. He drove straight to my house, sat down with my wife and I, and explained the whole process to us on our level, which was very reassuring.

Ed McCullough

My wife felt very comfortable with Andy, because he said he would fight for the insurance money, but that my health was his first concern.

Rose Crowley

I trusted him right away. He was so caring. My daughter liked him too. “I’m glad you found Andy,” she said, “I feel he’s going to help you.”

Nancy & Ronald Stewart

Andy patiently described what it takes to build a successful claim, and I felt very confident in his ability to follow thru. He also explained that if there’s no settlement, he gets nothing, and covers all of the expenses. How many people will take a risk for you like that?

Nancy & Ronald Stewart

My first impressions? Very knowledgeable, very professional - and enthusiastic. He asked detailed questions that showed he was truly interested in my wife’s case.

Officer Kevin Enderle

Andy has a great relationship with the judges in Delaware County. Believe me, that means something. Not that he’s getting favors. He’s just that well respected.

Insurance companies have a playbook.
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