An Expert Guide

“A true guide knows your injuries, your medical and emotional needs, and your winning game plan. He tells you exactly what you need to know at every step. He protects you from lowball offers, and is a voice of reason in your pursuit of a full, fair settlement."

- Attorney Andrew Goldberg

Officer Roger Joseph

He can just look at your incident and tell you where it’s gonna go. His expertise exceeds every other lawyer I’ve dealt with.

Melissa & Chris Redkar

Andy was always there to guide us. He was a comforting voice on our worst days.

Jack & Susan Moran

We could’ve sued the boy who hit Jack, but we learned that his parents were hard-working people whose son was going through a bad time. If we sued, they could’ve lost everything. Andy talked it over with us and explained the ups and downs of not suing. He understood our feelings, and his advice helped us make the right decision for us. Thanks to him, we came out of arbitration with everything we needed.

Officer Roger Joseph

I asked him, “How will everything play out if I return to work modified duty? What if I stay out full duty?” Andy explained everything that was going to happen. And every single thing he said came true.

Maureen & Patrick Moke

Andy doesn’t try to impress you. He’s a genuinely good guy who’s up front, honest, and tells it to you straight. My surgeon was impressed with Andy too, and he’s seen it all.

William Davis

Andy’s work across many jurisdictions brings a depth of experience to your case. That’s really important.

Jack & Susan Moran

The way Andy helped us through the hearings and prepared us for questioning was just wonderful.

Officer Roger Joseph

Andy’s been advising me what to do, and what not to do, from day one. He always has a game plan. With Andy in your corner, you feel like the smartest people in the room.

Cathy Cavalier

I liked the personal interaction with Andy to build my case. He would’ve handled everything, but I wanted to be involved. As a nurse, I could access my records quicker, and he trusted that. I doubt that would happen with a large law firm.

Rose Crowley

Andy handled everything. And every single thing he did for my case was done right.

Ed McCullough

Andy did a fantastic job for me – and for three of my friends involved in accidents. He’s handing my sister’s slip and fall, too. They’ve all had nothing but good things to say.

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