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“When I ask you about your accident, I listen to learn how you feel, because I want to relieve anxiety and instill confidence. I also listen to determine if you have a case. When you ask me if you can get money for your injuries, I promise you a clear and expert answer.

- Attorney Andrew Goldberg

Melissa & Chris Redkar

My wife was the victim of a hit and run. She suffered a devastating back injury and a concussion.

Officer Kevin Enderle

He T-boned my police car in broad daylight. We didn’t know if I would work again. How was I gonna pay for two girls in college, and two weddings? I was losing weight, losing sleep, and worrying constantly.

Cathy Cavalier

We were in a head-on collision in Maryland. I suffered a fractured sternum, a broken rib, and a head injury. My friend was driving, but it wasn’t her fault.

Officer Roger Joseph

I was sitting at a red light when I was slammed from behind by a drunk driver.

Rose Crowley

I tripped on a curb at the entrance to Best Buy and was laying in the street, bleeding. I couldn’t move.

Jack & Susan Moran

A teenage driver who’d been out drinking slammed into my truck and spun it like a top. It crashed into a pole, slid down the embankment, and landed upside down.

Ed McCullough

A 17 year old driving his mom’s car pulled out right in front of me. My bike went down and destroyed my shoulder. I was banged up good.

Maureen & Patrick Moke

Maureen was driving with our two year old daughter when a van in the opposing lane lost a tire, crossed the median and crashed into her. The car was totaled. They had to cut Maureen out.

Nancy & Ronald Stewart

I tripped on a rug and fell at the Farmer’s Market. An ambulance took me to Crozier and they put my shoulder back into place.

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