Meticulous & Hard Working

“To beat insurance companies at their own game takes an attorney with a passion for assembling absolutely irrefutable claim demands. Every fact, photo, witness statement, doctor's report and medical bill must be expertly presented to win the largest possible award."

- Attorney Andrew Goldberg

Jack & Susan Moran

When he assembled my case, Andy dotted every “i”. Every medical record and doctor’s report, every photo and witness statement, every medical bill, all the expert testimony, every single fact was strategically organized to leave the the insurance company with no place to push back.

Melissa & Chris Redkar

Andy goes above and beyond because he is totally committed to his clients. His tenacity, skill and attention to detail were very reassuring. He made sure I received the settlement I deserved.

Officer Kevin Enderle

Andy promised he would make sure we stayed whole financially. Then he worked his ass off for us. Did you know he starts his day at 6:30? His work ethic is just phenomenal.

Officer Roger Joseph

Andy has the mentality that every case is his big case. Andy puts in countless hours making sure every detail is right. You just know he’s doing everything possible to win for you.

Ed McCullough

After the second surgery to replace my shoulder, I needed six months of therapy. When the bills came in, I sent them to Andy. He took care of everything.

Rose Crowley

Andy helped me so much, I felt like his only client.

Officer Roger Joseph

On Day Three, he was texting me reminders of things I needed to do. This from an attorney I didn’t put out one cent for. Every single thing that could be done for me, Andy did.

William Davis

I’ve known Andy for over ten years, and he’s got a great reputation. Lawyers, policemen, clients I’ve referred, they all respect Andy. He’s represented me, my dad, my wife, my friends… I’ve never heard a bad word. He’s a hard-working attorney who gets the job done.

Insurance companies have a playbook.
You need a game plan.

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