Did you know you needed a lawyer?

“A better question might be, do you know what it takes to obtain full and fair compensation from an insurance company? Once you understand the effort, knowledge and creativity it takes to produce a winning settlement claim, that’s when you will really know.”

- Attorney Andrew Goldberg

Cathy Cavalier

I had never hired a lawyer, and wasn’t sure I’d need one. Since we both had good insurance, I assumed everything would be taken care of. Then I learned that even the best policies only reimburse a percentage of your expenses.

Jack & Susan Moran

We didn’t even know the extent of Jack’s injuries, and already we were getting calls from the insurance company saying “This is what we’re going to do for you, and do you accept our offer.”

Officer Roger Joseph

I was thinking, let me ask some people, Google personal injury lawyers, check the reviews. Then a friend taught me that the sooner a lawyer can start building my case, the better. You want him investigating and talking to witnesses while things are fresh.

Cathy Cavalier

I was a psychiatric nurse in a busy acute care facility. It requires constant multi-tasking and attention to detail. Since we didn’t know if I’d be able to do my job like I used to, my friend prompted me to call a lawyer, and a lawyer friend referred me to Andy. Still, it was really uncomfortable for me to say “I’m going to hire a lawyer and try to get more compensation.”

Maureen & Patrick Moke

When Maureen came out of the coma, she had no concept of what she was going through. She couldn’t walk or use her arms. The hospital wanted her in rehab, but she begged and begged them to go home. I had to lift her out of bed, clothe her, bathe her, feed her, and look after our three kids. And you know what she says to me? “Better call my boss and tell him I won’t be in tomorrow.”

Officer Roger Joseph

When insurance companies know you have an attorney, they treat you differently. They know they have a point of contact who won’t be intimidated and won’t say yes to their first lowball offer.

Nancy & Ronald Stewart

I started talking with Andy around Christmas, when I was still in pain. That was before I was aware of my two torn tendons - which would need surgery. I never imagined it would turn into this ordeal. For six weeks I couldn’t even sleep in my bed.

Insurance companies have a playbook.
You need a game plan.

The surest way to understand your case is to talk with an experienced personal injury lawyer.

When you request a free consult with me, Attorney Andrew Goldberg, you’ll learn exactly what it takes to obtain the maximum settlement for your injuries.

It’s also your best opportunity to determine if you need a lawyer – and if a lawyer has the knowledge, skills and commitment to come through for you.

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