A Sizeable Settlement Frees Cathy Cavalier to Retire.

Cathy’s friend was driving them home on a Maryland highway when a head-on collision broke Cathy's rib, fractured her sternum, and caused a severe head injury. Would she be able to work again as an Acute Psychiatric Care Nurse Supervisor?

My friend was driving, but it wasn't her fault. We both had good insurance, so I assumed everything would be taken care of. I had never hired a lawyer, and wasn’t sure I’d need one. Then I learned that even the best policies only reimburse a percentage of your expenses.

Being a supervisor in a busy acute psychiatric care facility requires constant multi-tasking and attention to detail. We didn’t know if I’d be able to do my job like I used to. So my friend prompted me to call a lawyer, and a lawyer friend referred me to Andy. Still, it was difficult  for me to say “I’m hiring a lawyer to try to get more compensation.”

It was immediately clear that Andy was very capable. He was articulate and sharp, with lots of personal injury experience.

I liked the personal interaction with Andy to build my case. I could call or text him early, late at night and weekends, and he always responded promptly. Andy and I worked closely together to gather the documents he needed. He would’ve handled it all, but I wanted to be involved. As a nurse, I could access my records quicker, and he trusted that. I doubt that would happen with a large law firm.

The packet Andy put together for the insurance companies was complete down to the minutiae. His presentation was so thorough, there was no room for doubt, so we didn’t need to go to court. The settlement he negotiated allowed me to pay off my mortgage and comfortably retire.

Given the size of my award, which was quite high, I expected my case to be much more difficult. The whole process was incredibly smooth. Andy covered every base.

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