How Officer Roger Joseph got his game  back.

Roger was sitting at a red light when he was slammed from behind by a drunk driver. Would he ever work again?

A prominent defense attorney told me that "Andy Goldberg is the attorney other lawyers go to when they have a car accident."

The day we met I asked him, “How will everything play out if I return to police work on modified duty? What if I stay out full duty?”

Andy really opened my eyes. He explained everything that was going to happen. And every thing he said came true. He can just look at your incident and tell you where it’s gonna go. Andy's expertise exceeds every other lawyer I’ve dealt with.

Andy took the time to fully explain Workman’s Comp and the insurance claim process in words I could understand. You’d expect an attorney of his stature to use big words, but I never had to Google a single thing Andy said.

When he spoke with my wife, who was a witness at the scene, Andy was very caring and sensitive to her feelings. After explaining the entire claims process to me, he patiently repeated it all to her. He made sure we were both clear on what needed to get done, step by step. After our meeting I said to Andy, “So what do I owe you?" He replied, "Not a thing until I have a check for you.”

Andy’s been advising me what to do from day one. He always has a game plan. With Andy in your corner, you feel like the smartest people in the room. On Day 3, he was texting me reminders of things I needed to do. This from a lawyer I hadn’t put out  one cent for.

Andy has the mentality that every case is his big case. He doesn't want you thinking, “He did what he could.” He wants to get you the ABSOLUTE BEST SETTLEMENT POSSIBLE. Andy  does everything in his power to win for you and spends countless hours making sure every detail is right.

Andy is an absolute pit bull. I was in his office the day he called an insurance company on my behalf. Believe me, I would never want to be on the other end of that phone. The defendant had a very basic level of insurance, but somehow, as the middleman between my insurance and his insurance, Andy made sure everything got repaired and that I was put back whole.

The average consumer thinks, “Let me look around, ask some people, Google personal injury lawyers.” But the sooner your lawyer can talk to witnesses and do his own investigation, the fresher the details and the better he can build your case. My advice? Just call Andy.

The fact is, when insurance companies know you have an attorney, they treat you differently. They know you won’t be intimidated and won’t say yes to their first lowball offer.

The day my settlement arrived, Andy explained that the money was tax-free, and took the time to spell out exactly how to handle it. From day one, Andy set me on the right path financially. When he takes your case, you're family. He still calls me just to see how I’m doing.

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