What to look for in a Personal Injury Lawyer.

June 23, 2020

A good lawyer's knowledge, professionalism and experience should fill you with confidence. You should believe that your lawyer will stand up to the insurance company to recover both your money and your health. A lawyer who goes the extra mile and never bows to pressure makes all the difference in the size of your settlement, and very often, in the quality of your care.

"Andy goes above and beyond because he is totally committed to his clients. His tenacity, skill and attention to detail were very reassuring. He made sure I received the settlement I deserved."
– Melissa Redkar

After the lawyer answers your questions about your case, ask these questions about him:

How long have you been practicing personal injury law in my county?  A minimum of ten years is good. How many cases have you handled like mine?  Ideally, fifty or more. Are you an expert in Pennsylvania personal injury and limited tort laws? If settlement negotiations fail, can you win my case in court?  The answer to both should be a confident Yes.

Communications skills are critical to a successful lawyer-client relationship. Is he or she a good listener? Does he ask insightful questions? Are you comfortable sharing personal details? Does he  understand and respect your concerns? Does he grasp the medical and financial complexities of your injuries and explain your case in clear, everyday language?

“I never had to Google a single thing Andy said.”
– Officer Roger Joseph

Does he take the time to fully answer your questions? Will he keep you informed of his progress at every step? Can you rely on him to respond quickly and helpfully to your calls or texts? Great personal injury lawyers are also persuasive storytellers who use words and images to connect with a jury on an emotional level, and win.

“The way Andy crafted the story of Jack’s injuries was so moving, the arbitrator had ruled in our favor before we even made it home.”
– Susan Moran

Accident victims rely on their attorney to be ready with a sound strategy and expert advice at every stage of the process. When a lawyer makes you feel valued, protected and cared for, you’ve probably found the right one.

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Insurance companies have a playbook.
You need a game plan.

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It’s also your best opportunity to determine if you need a lawyer – and if a lawyer has the knowledge, skills and commitment to come through for you.

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