Can you Choose a Law Firm by the Numbers?

June 22, 2020

Large personal injury law firms like to boast about the millions or even billions of dollars they’ve won for clients. Those numbers merely reflect their huge volume of cases. Other firms that highlight multi-million dollar settlements only accept cases where the seriousness of the injuries assures them of major awards. These numbers are not a reliable guide to choosing a lawyer.

The key to obtaining the maximum possible award is an experienced lawyer committed to doing everything that can be done as well as it can be done.

Personal injury lawyers win big awards by crafting a settlement demand so detailed and authoritative, it can compel the insurance company to agree to a large financial award. This specialized work requires experience, creativity and above all, the dedication to drive home the merits of your claim. It also requires a lawyer who won’t settle or back down until he obtains your full and fair settlement.

"Andy does not want you thinking, “That guy did what he could.” He wants to get you the absolute best settlement possible, and puts in countless hours doing everything possible to win for you."
– Officer Roger Joseph

For over thirty years, I’ve delivered maximum compensation for injured accident victims  by strategically assembling every fact, photo and report into a thick and irrefutable claim demand. It’s why I left a larger firm for private practice, where I could devote the time and energy to personally craft every detail of every case. And if negotiations break down, and the only way to win big is to take your fight before a judge and jury, I am a tough and tested attorney who knows how to win in the court room.

"There’s no stone left unturned when you’ve got Andy. He’s a bulldog."
– Ed McCullough

To base your decision on numbers that actually mean something, ask the lawyer you’re considering...

  • How many hours will be devoted to preparing your claim?
  • What portion of that effort will be be performed by your lawyer?
  • What size settlement does the lawyer expect to obtain for you?
  • How does this compare to AWARDS he has obtained in similar cases?
  • Does the lawyer only get paid if he or she wins?
  • What percent of your settlement does he keep?

Some Philadelphia firms take up to 50% of your award. My fee is one third. I make certain that the people depending on me receive both the money and medical care they need to recover fully. Through meticulous attention to detail and relentlessly standing up to the insurance companies, I've delivered substantial financial awards for hundreds of clients. Click here to view examples.

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Insurance companies have a playbook.
You need a game plan.

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It’s also your best opportunity to determine if you need a lawyer – and if a lawyer has the knowledge, skills and commitment to come through for you.

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